Frequently asked questions about acupuncture

Below you will find answers to questions that I often get in my acupuncture practice. If your question is not listed, please contact me. I am happy to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to contact me because there are no strange or weird symptoms.

What are the results of acupuncture?
Almost all my patients immediately experience an improvement in their well-being and energy level. A huge proportion of my patients show substantial progress during my treatments. Extensive research has been conducted in recent years about the results of acupuncture on various symptoms, demonstrating that treatments show positive effects for 80% of people undergoing acupuncture.

  • The symptoms have been completely healed in 45% of the cases.
  • The symptom has declined sharply by 35% of the cases.
  • The other patients experience good improvement and periodically return for treatment.

How do I book an appointment?
You can easily make an appointment by, for example, calling me or by filling in my contact form. You can usually come reasonably quickly and in some cases, even within a week.

Do I need a referral letter from my doctor?
No, that is not necessary. You can contact me without a referral.

What do I have to take into account when I come in for a treatment?
Make sure you have eaten. Acupuncture on a completely empty stomach is not recommended. Leave your house on time so you can arrive relaxed. Try to wear comfortable pants.

How do I know if my acupuncturist does a good job?
It is crucial that an acupuncturist is affiliated with a professional association that sets quality requirements for all its members, such as the BAF (Belgian Acupunctors Federation).

Will my treatments be reimbursed?
If you have supplementary insurance, the treatments of an acupuncturist are usually (partially) reimbursed.

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! Whatever your questions, symptoms or problems, I will gladly help you!