My way of working

I work according to the best-known form of acupuncture and use thin, sterile disposable needles that I place on different meridian points of your body. You will hardly feel anything. By placing the needles on those points, the balance of your body can recover, and your energy will flow again.

What is the treatment like?
In the beginning, I focus on investigating your symptoms.

From there on, we decide which method would be best for you. We also keep a close eye on the course of the treatments by conducting regular evaluations.

With my very thin needles, it is possible to influence certain energy lines at specific points in the body and to other energy flows. For example, when too little energy goes to a particular place in your body, you can choose to conduct more energy in that place.

The experience of my patients is that they hardly notice the needles. So, do not worry about pain. What often does happen is that the patient can feel specific energies.

Please contact me
Call me or fill in my contact form if you have any questions. Whatever your questions, symptoms or problems, I am happy to help you!